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Each startup is a venture which will take off only if its leader and his team take the proper steps and minimize risk. Key decisions for success include selection of the best technology partner and making the best technology investment.


One of the most important choice for the successful launch of an MLM business is its choice of the software solution to support its operations.

At MLM Soft understand this. That is why we designed our platform to satisfy these key requirements:

  • Minimizing investment risk and expenses. A primary risk is the possibility of making an investment in an IT solution that doesn't meet the needs of your business. This is particularly important for startups considering their financial limitations in the early stages of developing the business. Our platform eliminates this risk. There is no need for you to make a substantial IT investment during your startup phase. We base our pricing on the size of your network: fees for use of the platform grow only when your business grows.
  • Becoming operational quickly. We understand how important is to get to market as soon as possible with your product and opportunity. We can dramatically cut the time needed to make that happen. The cloud technology our platform employs delivers MLM software to your business in a single day.
  • Partnering with a reliable MLM IT solution provider. Our goal is to be a partner you can rely on. We are completely focused on the success of your business. That is why we provide a full range of support resources for our customers: user documentation, video tours and a help desk team to answer your questions, help resolve issues and develop your confidence in working with the MLM Soft platform.

What the market says

In an online survey across more than 100 MLM business owners made by MLM-PRO Ltd. at the beginning of 2015, a significant percentage of the respondents identified reliable professional software as the key success factor:

What is the most important factor to consider when launching a new MLM company?

  • 9%

    A team of experienced network marketing distributors

  • 26%

    A unique and interesting product

  • 12%

    An e-payment system for distributors (pay-in and payout)

  • 23%

    A profitable compensation plan

  • 1%

    A legal corporate structure

  • 18%

    Reliable software with compensation plan calculations

  • 11%


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