The best
IT solution for your
MLM enterprise


We designed our powerful platform to meet any need of your MLM enterprise:

Any compensation plan

The compensation plan engine is a flexible tool that can perform calculations based on any plan algorithm (unilevel, stairstep, combined, binary, party plan, matrix)

International expansion

The platform can be configured to support an international expansion of your MLM business, including use of multiple languages, currencies, wallets, warehouses, etc.


Open architecture

The platform can easily be integrated with third-party systems (e-commerce, stock management, payments) to form the core of your IT landscape.

Live scalability

The dedicated environment in the cloud for your instance of the platform scales live, in real time to suit your resource needs as they change over time.

Enterprise fixed-price packages

We understand that business needs of your enterprise include projecting, deploying and maintaining your software platform in a predictable and confident way. Your engineers and analysts can adjust and configure the cloud platform to meet those needs. But if you do not possess the resources to perform the integration and deployment process, we can provide you with a fixed-price solution that will address the specific needs of your MLM enterprise.

Based on our experience integrating software solutions for MLM enterprises, we developed two service packages designed to provide enterprise-level software solution that will meet your needs with fixed price and terms. The packages define the core scope of tasks necessary to make your business operational, including:

  • Customization of the platform, including countries, currencies and wallets

  • Analysis of your compensation plan algorithm and creation of a suitable workflow design

  • Configuration of the compensation plan engine

  • Integration with third-party solutions, including payments, e-commerce, stock management, accounting and tax software

  • Custom branding of your distributors’ Onlineoffice, including your corporate identity

Custom R&D

We understand, too, that predefined solutions cannot fit the specific requirements of every MLM company. Moreover, large enterprises need to take a dynamic approach to dynamic business development. They must be ready to meet new challenges, to improve their product, to enter new markets and to add new instruments.

We can provide a dedicated development team for your MLM enterprise to meet the changing requirements of your growing business.

We conduct the development process on a time and materials (T&M) basis, which means that you only pay for actual work performed, and in a very clear and transparent way. Our business analysts and system architects begin with an evaluation of your business needs and then propose an optimal solution including a draft of the integrated solution and an estimate of the scope of work for implementation. Then we engage a dedicated development team with the skills needed to achieve the project’s goals.

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