Pay as you grow

Our pricing policy is simple and transparent

Monthly subscription plan depends on how many active distributors' accounts your network consists of. We only count active distributors, i.e. your income centres. More distributors you have - less you pay for each account!



Up to 300 income centers

  • NRM application for staff and founders
  • Online office application for networkers
  • Knowledge base and tutorials
  • Helpdesk support
  • Staff trainings
  • Integration API
  • Built-in 3rd party integrations
  • Multi language interface
  • Compensation plan library
  • 1 Wallet / Currency
  • 1 Administrative User



Up to 1,000 income centers

  • Includes Community features plus:
  • Reports and analytics
  • Setup of 2 custom reports for your business
  • 2 wallets in different currencies
  • Up to 5 administrative users
  • Up to 2 warehouses in POS application
  • 4 hours/mo extra customization included



Up to 4,000 income centers

$0.15 per additional account
above 4,000

  • Includes Network features plus:
  • Setup of 6 custom reports for your business
  • Up to 5 wallets and currencies
  • Up to 10 administrative users
  • Up to 5 warehouses in POS application
  • 8 hours/mo extra customization included
  • Dedicated support

You can run our platform on your own hardware. See hosted pricing for more information

All subscription plans include:

Cloud platform

Data and connection

Data backup

Software updates
at no charge

Support team access

...and all these for a cost lower than the salary of one system engineer

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How do we determine the number of your accounts and your pricing?

The platform automatically calculates the quantity of active distributor accounts in your network on a daily basis. It only counts the number of those accounts which had any commercial activity in last 3 months (made a purchase or get a bonus). The number of positions for each account does not affect the calculation of the number of accounts. Once the number of your accounts exceeds the limit allowed by your subscription plan, the billing platform will immediately upgrade your plan to based on the number of your accounts. At the end of month, the billing platform will charge you according to the new subscription plan.

What payment options are available?

The preferred payment method is use of your VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card. Your card’s currency does not matter; all payments are made in US dollars, and an automatic currency conversion will be made when needed. You can connect your card to your subscription account and our billing system will charge you automatically each month, so you can be sure that your access to the platform will remain uninterrupted. If it is not convenient for you to pay by credit card, we can invoice you on a monthly basis.

What are the limitations of the Startup plan other than the number of of accounts it allows?

Other than the allowed number of accounts, the Startup plan has the following limits: only one warehouse is allowed in the POS app; it allows only one currency and type of wallet; only one tree can be used in the compensation plan; only one administrative user (you) can access the platform.

What happens to my data if I decided to upgrade my subscription plan?

You can upgrade your subscription any time you like. Upgrades do not affect your cloud platform availability or your data; the platform will work without interruption and all your data will be preserved.

Are there any charges for functions or services that are not included in subscription plans?

The only service subject to additional charges is the built-in SMS Gateway. We charge for this service monthly based on your actual SMS traffic usage for as little as $0.1 per message.

What are the technical limitations of the cloud plattform?

Our contract with the data center that hosts our cloud platform ensures that there are no limitations on traffic, the number of connections or hosts except in cases of abnormal usage increases which risk system unavailability. Other resources such as CPU, RAM, and HDD capacity have limits based on the particular subscription plan. We set these limits to ensure optimal performance based on the number of accounts in each plan. If any technical issues arise as a result of these limits our system administrators will resolve them immediately.

Do you need a custom solution?
Do you have many more than 50,000 distributors in your network?
Do you have questions about pricing?

Leave your contact information and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to answer all your questions.

You can build your cloud or
cluster system to host
the MLM Soft platform
in your own data center

If you have your own IT department and want to manage your IT infrastructure yourself, you can install our platform on your own hardware.

We will gladly assist you with your in-house implementation or even set up a dedicated cloud infrastructure including our platform for you.

Our license policy for a hosted version is clear and simple. Due to open-source technologies used in our platform, there are no hidden costs for the software environment, such as license payments for the operating system, database platform, etc.

The price depends upon services included: we can deploy cloud cluster on your hardware and provide you full support, or you can buy source-code and maintain everything on your own. Contact us for more details!