Customization packages

Pay once and get the platform fully customized for your business needs

For those looking for a full-scope enterprise solution and who regard time as the most important asset, we offer our customization services. Our team of business analysts and software architects will analyze your business processes and compensation plan and adjust our platform to your specific needs. We will do it quickly, for a fixed price and with guaranteed results.

Basic Customized Integrated

Enterprise customized
solution setup fee

$2,900 $6,900 $12,900+

Compensation plan from the Library adjusted to your business parameters

Online Office default template with your corporate color scheme and logo

Built-in e-payment paying and payout platform

Basic customization of the template of built-in website of your choice including logo, color scheme

Content management of the built-in website: online shop catalog (up to 20 SKU), content pages (up to 5 pages), contact and feedback form

Your custom ANY Compensation plan: plan type, period type, ranks & volumes, calculation rules, event system

Customization of main reports: points volumes, top earners, сommission total

Platform preferences customization: enrollment and options, currencies and wallets

Staff training: online training webinars for your staff members (up to 5 persons). Training plan consists of two webinars with theoretical and practical issues

Access roles of administrative users setup

Online Office design customization according to company's visuals and additional content page setup

Additional language branch (translation isn't included)

Additional custom reports and analytics

Custom e-payment gateway integration

System integrations: mass mail sending system, SMS gateway

Third party e-commerce integration (e-commerce solution R&D is provided by third-party and is not included in the price)

Third party retail integration (retail and warehouse solution R&D is provided by third-party and is not included in the price)

Custom adjustment (incl. 20 work hours)

It doesn't matter whether you order these customized packages or configure the cloud platform by yourself; the subscription fee is still the same and depends on your network growth. And you always have the option of running the platform on your own hardware in your own environment.

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Our development team is here to help!

If you need additional custom development for your project, whether you require web or mobile applications, an e-commerce site or other functionality, our team of custom solution developers is prepared to deliver what you need.

We conduct the development process on a time and materials (T&M) basis, which means that you only pay for actual work performed, and in a very clear and transparent way. Our business analysts and system architects begin with an evaluation of your business needs and then propose an optimal solution including a draft of the integrated solution and an estimate of the scope of work for implementation. Then we engage a dedicated development team with the skills needed to achieve the project’s goals.

Our development teams include a project manager, a business analyst, back-end and front-end developers and QA engineers. Team members can participate in the project on either a full-time (8 hours per day) or part-time (4 hours per day) basis. This helps you to optimize your budget in a way that is not possible when hiring in-house staff.

The minimum available contract term for a dedicated team is 1/2 month. Fees for a dedicated team are prepaid on a monthly basis at hourly rates of approximately $20 to $40 per hour depending on team members’ individual skill and experience. This helps you manage your development budget in a predictable, long-term manner.

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