We designed the platform to allow us to offer products built on an open architecture.
This means that our customers can use our solutions together with a wide range of third-party applications. Among the most common integrations possible are accounting software,
e-commerce platforms and e-payment products.

Integration partnerships

We invite prospective integration partners to work with us. We offer a referral fee of up to 20% if you refer a customer to us who is interested in our platform, resulting in a sale (specific terms to be discussed on a case-by-case basis).

We may also refer customers in need of your services to supplement our platform to you. When you complete projects for at least two customers to their satisfaction, we will consider displaying your company as a “recommended partner' on our website.

Reseller and R&D partnerships

If you have expertise with MLM company insights, business processes and compensation plan nuances, we invite you to become an MLM Soft reseller. You can provide customers with consulting support and advice on automate their businesses with our platform.

If you also have R&D resources such as technical engineers and an analysis team, consider becoming an MLM Soft R&D partner. This will allow you to sell our platform on a “turnkey” basis, customizing it for customers in the same way we sell our fixed-price packages.

Contact us for more details!