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The cloud technology at the core of our SaaS model allows us to provide a ready-to-use IT platform ideal for MLM companies of any size

Cloud technology is the best approach available today for building a robust IT infrastructure. It allows construction of scalable IT systems in real time and deployment of IT services on any platform, anywhere.

Benefits of a cloud platform

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Accessible everywhere

Forget the headaches of installing software on each desktop and maintaining a local IT environment to perform routine software updates and configure new employees and regional offices. The MLM-Soft platform runs on any computer: Mac, Windows and Linux. The only requirement for using the platform is a web browser. The cloud platform is always on and always accessible anywhere on the globe with Internet access.

Infinitely scalable

The platform’s multi-instance architecture provides a high level of autonomy for each customer’s environment, which makes it easy to scale and keeps your resources only yours. The cloud platform is scalable in real time when your growing business needs more IT resources, from early startup to transnational corporation with millions of distributors around the world.


Software-as-a-Service is the best way to provide software on demand. This means that its provider is selling not only software as code, assets and database, but the whole infrastructure needed to get the software live and to maintain it. The customer pays only for use of the platform; everything else stays 'under hood'.

You don't need to maintain your own expensive IT infrastructure, buying or leasing server hardware, configuring backups and cluster systems to increase performance and accessibility or hiring IT engineers to maintain it. The cloud platform addresses all these needs - and at very competitive prices.

Compare our pricing with the expenses of managing your own IT infrastructure, leasing of hardware and data lines, other infrastructure maintenance and providing a secure IT environment, and you will understand the benefits of the SaaS model.



All accounts on the MLM Soft cloud platform are secure, safe, encrypted, password-protected and backed up hourly.

We understand that the security of your data is key to your confidence that your MLM business is built on a solid foundation for growth. We adhere to the highest IT security standards specifically for that reason. You can rest easy knowing that the security measures implemented in our platform ensure full protection for your business data.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All accounts are secured by SSL certificates provided by the well-known international certification authority Thawte. Our platform employs the https protocol, providing guaranteed encryption of all your data traffic.

Multi-instance architecture. All instances of the platform run separately from each other using modern container technology called “Dockers”. Use of containers guarantees real time resource allocation, prevents resources monopolization and excludes the possibility of data leaks between different accounts.

Real time backups. We back up user data in real time mode. Our cloud infrastructure is clustered, meaning that we maintain your backups in separate data storage where it is ready to restore in an emergency. To provide yet another layer of protection, we perform daily mirroring of all data to another data center.