MLM Soft Ltd. went to market in 2016, but it has a strong background
based on the experience and history acquired during its development and the earlier work of its founders.


MLM Soft's history began as an evolutionary concept for future product development inspired by the MLM-PRO project. High-tech entrepreneur and venture investor Gregory Kabitsky founded MLM-PRO in 2004. MLM-PRO subsequently became the Eastern European market leader in software development and consulting for multi-level marketing companies.

The background acquired during the development of MLM-PRO provided invaluable experience for company's analysts and top managers, providing deep insight into the business processes needed to make MLM companies successful, from the nuances of compensation plan calculations to best practices in network management and communications, to online tools that could provide value to distributors, to financial and operational flows. This experience provided the basic foundation of MLM Soft.

The birth of MLM Soft

The formal history of MLM Soft began in 2015 at Koh Samui, Thailand, where Gregory Kabitsky then lived with his family. While researching market insights from WDSA reports, some venture capital market analyses and contemporary technology forecasts and trends, he conceived the idea of a cloud-based web platform incorporating a flexible configuration engine that could meet the requirements of any MLM company requirements and support its growth. Then, after two months of intensive brainstorming with the analysis team, the core concepts of the future platform had been defined and the project began.

The company opened a dedicated R&D office in Novosibirsk, Russia in September of 2015. Novosibirsk proved to be an ideal choice due to the availability of key human resources including skilled software engineers. MLM Soft then established a central office and the company was formally incorporated in Hong Kong in January of 2016.

After more than a year of development, the first release of the new platform went on the market in early 2017.