About MLM Soft

MLM Soft Ltd. is a private company incorporated in January 2016 in Hong Kong. We chose Hong Kong as the location of our headquarters because of its perfect location in the heart of the Asia-Pacific, the most actively developing region in the world. Hong Kong is also highly suitable as a hub for worldwide business operations, which is a priority for the company.

MLM Soft Ltd. has its own offshore R&D center in Novosibirsk, Russia, which provides an ideal IT environment with its advanced educational institutions focused on computer science and technology as well as human resources skilled in the IT field.

The company's goal is to develop and bring to market the best software solution for MLM companies. We call it NRM (Network Relationship Management) to emphasise specific features of the software which will help MLM companies establish good, predictable and controlled relationships with the network as one of their key assets.

Finally, we regard MLM software not simply as a necessary calculator-like tool, but rather as a critical investment for an MLM company, which provides it with added value resulting in greater control over its network and thereby to increased revenues.

The primary objectives in designing our software were to make its use clear and simple and to provide a user experience similar to that present in other common software.

Our products offer rich ERP-class functionality and an innovative open-source technology stack, which makes them more powerful and efficient to develop, deploy and maintain, avoiding hidden costs that would get passed on to customers.