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Commission calculation (any compensation plan)
Full network management
Reports and analytics
Financial management for each account
Point-of-sale automation
Fully-customizable Onlineoffice for distributors

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The more distributors you have, the more profitable your business is. As the number of your users grows, the more resources your platform consumes, but you pay only for what you use and when you use it. The growth of your network determines your pricing.





MLM Soft offers the best software solution available for starting and supporting an MLM company. We dramatically reduce the risks of operating your MLM business because we understand the time and budget limitations it faces during its startup phase. The MLM Soft platform allows you to get your business operational in a matter of days with zero startup costs for the software infrastructure needed to support it.

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Because a reliable software solution is the key success factor for your MLM enterprise, we developed our cloud platform to meet the growing and changing demands of your business and support its successful operation worldwide. The cloud platform is infinitely scalable; all aspects of the platform are configurable, including multiple currencies, wallets, languages and warehouses.

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Unique compensation plan engine

Our innovative engine relies on the most advanced technologies available, making the CP calculation process easy and extremely fast. The combined binary CP for a network of one million distributors calculates in a matter of seconds.

Turnkey solutions

Leverage our dedicated team of analysts and developers to create an enterprise solution tailored the needs of your business.


Our approach allows you to focus on your core business functions. We maintain your entire IT infrastructure as a single unit. Our cloud-based solution will grow with you, encompassing hardware, software and a support team.

Open architecture

We offer multiple types of integration, including e-commerce, inventory management, bookkeeping software and e-payments.


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We offer a range of resources to allow you to make the most effective use of the platform including user guides, inline tips and support team ready to address your needs.

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